Saturday, October 27, 2012

American Wave Perm

     This is a guest Post by my co-worker, Char. She's bringing perms back into our salon!

     When Nick Arrojo creator of the American Wave Perm says the perm of the 80s & 90s is “dead”, he couldn’t have been more right! The carpal tunnel in my wrist was my very own indicator that everyone wanted nothing but straight or tamed locks, that is, until a new revolutionary hair product made it's way into today's trend and reality.     
     Knowing that everything comes around again eventually, I was apprehensive about trying out a “new” permanent wave that claimed to be different while reviving flexible Bendy Rollers, so I asked a friend with baby-fine colored and bleached highlighted hair to be a model so I could try it the American Wave Perm. I was skeptical so I upped the anti and chose her because her hair would have been un-permable with an old perm. She wanted body and texture. I wanted to try the product out. I kept one hand with fingers crossed and the other handy with scissors--just in case...

     Low and behold, this new Ammonia-Thio-Free solution, The American Wave, superseded my challenge and far exceeded my expectations!! (Btw: Ammonium Thioglycolate has been the active ingredient in standard cold wave solutions for years.) Reformulated to be less damaging and "less permanent" (because who really wants a hairstyle that is really permanent until it’s cut off anyway?) I am thrilled to announce that my friend loved her hair and I was impressed with the advanced conditioning feel, shine and bounce that this new product gave her formerly fine dull hair. The American Wave Perm was just unveiled this spring at Chicago’s own annual Midwest Beauty Show, so you may not have heard about it until now--though me! It really does provide softer waves and curls that lasts a few months without the need to re-do or cut off dry ends--every!--unless you love it and want another one. 

     Come on girls...silky smooth is always sleek and sophisticated, but surfin' sassy, waves are sexy too and now you can have them. I am now an expert at the new American Wave Perm and I'm inviting you to try it too.

Char is a Master Colorist
at Joseph Michael's Salon & Spa

Her work has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show (Oprah’s Time-Warp Makeovers”), in fashion magazines, professional photo collections and many industry publications and videos.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

National Coming Out Day

Today is National Coming Out Day. In the 80’s I participated in a workshop in L.A. called, The Experience, produced by Rob Eichberg and David Goldstien and I remember Rob "came out" publicly with the his idea for a National Coming Out Day. I didn't think it would catch on. I was young and I didn't know the power of one person's dream: it's enough to change the world. I miss you Rob. Thank you, for your gifts to me and many gay, lesbian, straight, transgendered, and bi friends.
Check out Rob's book, Coming Out, an Act of Love. It's a book about coming out, in every way. Including going for your dreams that God gave you.
Here's another gift I got from the The Experience workshop. An inspiring song that makes me feel my power again, every time I listen to it. It's In Every One Of Us.

jon-david is an Experience graduate and is using his gifts and living his dreams. He's a blogger at Read his novels, Mafia Hairdresser, and, The Glow Stick Gods. jon-david is a hairdresser at Joseph Michael's Salon & Spa and is happily in a relationship with David Cradduck--they have two dogs, Olive the, LabDoodle and Junebug, the Yorkie.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Thank you, Carrie Fisher

In the acknowledgment section of my book, Mafia Hairdresser, I tell author actress, Carrie Fisher, "it was because of you that I became a writer." And this is true.
To my knowledge, I did not know Carrie Fisher in the sense that we ever exchanged words or thoughts. I'm not even sure if our eyes met or if she even paid the slightest amount of notice to me the many times our paths crossed. The reason that I'm not sure was that I was under the influence of many things, including youth and bashfulness, when we were both intermingling around the Hollywood party scene at the same time. Of course, I knew who she was, but I was a little twink of a hairdresser working for a mob couple and we got invited to all the same fancy shindigs where the coke was free and the Dom Perignon was on tap.
I loved watching Carrie Fisher, from afar, at those parties. She was captivating and funny and she was always making the men around her double over in pain from laughter. I do not know if she was under the influence of anything but a jacked-up magnetism, but I wrote a fictionalized interpretation of how I remembered the real Carrie in my first book; which also takes place in the 80s. I hope, one day, she reads my book and smiles. But I really want her to know that it wasn't until years later that she became my inspiration to become a writer. When her book, Postcards from the Edge, came out, I was so impressed at how effortlessly she came through the pages. It was like I was actually listening to the real Carrie Fisher that I used to eavesdrop on. The humor and stabbing wit in her book made me laugh out loud and her story told of the era of when I had also been at those wild parties. I thought, I talk like this, I can write like this and I think I can do this too. I had also lived through those Hollywood high-times and I had a story to tell as well.
Thank you, Carrie Fisher. You still inspire me.
Read all of Carrie Fishers books, Postcards from the Edge, Surrender the Pink, Delusions of Grandma, The Best Awful, Shockaholic, Wishful Drinking. And do go see her Broadway play, Wishful Drinking!

  • jon-david is the self publishing author of Mafia Hairdresser, an 80s tale. (screenplay is finished too! and looking for an agent...)
  • jon-david's second book, The Glow Stick Gods, about the 90s, is due out on all ebooks November 2011
  • jon-david's third book, Murder, There's An App For That, is due out on eBooks November 2012

Monday, August 8, 2011

"You losers are going to hell, just sayin..."

I am always thankful that I have a never ending list of things to write about and, when I’m too tired to necessarily dig deep into a story or blog that I’m interested in, I let my Facebook Friends write a story for me.
This one comes from a co-worker/friend today. On his wall he wrote:

“Just saw a commercial for a Christian dating website, Christianmingle. You losers are going to hell, just sayin...”

2 people liked his post.
One person said, “Haha, Total Losers”
Of which my co-worker responded “Totally”
Another person said, “I already have my one way ticket so, I’m not worried.”
The last post was: “Christianmingle? w..t..F?!?!”

My immediate reaction was one of appall and I was also a little offended by his remark as well. Although I do not identify myself as a Christian, in a organized religion sense, I was christened in the Catholic church and I can understand how there came to be dating services for Christians looking for other Christians to date; just like there are Jewish dating organizations. And, even though I may have a huge difference of opinion where it concerns some Christian organization’s viewpoint on things like civil unions, gay rights, reproductive right etc, I would never slag the whole religion in general or the fact that they date. I think Christian people are pretty nice and I love them as much as my Jewish, Muslim and Buddhist friends. I hope they all get dates.

And then I got to thinking: Didn’t I have my Facebook friend in the Social Media Class that I taught at work? If he was there, why would he write something like that in a public format? Did my friend not know that some of his clients may be upset about such a statement? And, if even one of the salon’s clients had an issue with the statemement, I’m sure that statement would come back to bite him in the leg--if not get a talking to by management. I’m sure it’s not a thing to fire someone over, but I know I taught him that Facebook and anything online is not private. This guy is a sweet guy. And he’s funny, in person. Maybe it was just one of those flippant posts that he just didn’t think about too much? So I wrote him a personal one-to-one FB message. My tone was pretty straightforward.

Saw your post on Christian dating service and you saying they are going to hell. I know for certain that saying that anywhere, especially online, can and will be taken offensively and can be used against you--and, if you actually think about it, is not very smart. I suggest you take it off.

When I saw him make other posts and he didn’t take the offensive post off, I thought, what the heck: Let my friend write my next Social Media Blog.
I will say this one more time: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkin etc. is not you. It is an ongoing public discussion and you get to focus your content to what your “brand” is about. Unless you have a big bank account, a secure job and revenue stream, and you are willing to fight for any controversial statements that you make on these social media platforms, I suggest that you take another look at who’s looking at you.
I’m a writer who tells it like it is. I’ll fight for what I say online & admit when I’m wrong about what I’ve said. I’ll also stand up for anyone who is unnecessarily slagged whether they be Christians, daters, “looser,” or puppies.

“Buy my books, or I’ll cut you!”