Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fine Hair gets Thicker

You can go to the Best Hairdresser in Chicago and they may never have heard of this product: Nexxus Aloxxi Polymeric, formerly called Emergencee.
We don’t even officially use in my own salon but I buy it myself and laminate it on my clients who have fine, wimpy, never-grows, wispy-weak hair.
This product is a polymer that coats the hair, thereby thickening it. And once the diameter of the hair is increased it is also stronger, shinier and more reflective of light. And “Emergencee’d” hair also accepts color better and the product keeps your color lasting longer. Does your hair seem to grow a certain length past your ears and then just look too thin? Does it just break off after a certain length? Not anymore! You can order it yourself online from, and do the treatment yourself. Or you can bring it in to the salon and have your stylist do the treatment on you, if he or she doesn’t mind. We can do many other treatments over Emergencee’d hair, they always work better when we do. Nexxus Aloxxi (Emergencee) Polymeric Reconstructor
Here’s the Nexxus explanation:Stops hair breakage, repairs and strengthens severely damaged hair.Dramatically improves hair's health, condition and shine.Contains a renewing blend of Polymers, Elastins, Amino Acids and Collagen.Creates an internal framework within the hairshaft to restore integrity.Strengthens internally and externally.Repairs and smoothes damaged cuticle; restores flexibility.Magnifies shine and depth of colour.Improves body and stylability.Acidifies hair, pH 2.5. (Closes and fills in cuticle.)Excellent pre-treatment for delicate hair prior to all chemical services.Great nail strengthening treatment. (I wouldn’t know this one but interesting.)How to do the treatment the way I do like to do it:
On the bottle, it does not say it needs heat, but it does! On wet clean/towel-dried hair, I put about a 1/4 ounce amount (Quarter sized) of the product on and work it through. Since it goes on like honey, you will not be able to get a comb through it. Then I put a layer of foil on each panel of a flat Iron with a control setting. I would use a 2 out of 10 range. So not too hot! Then I just laminate the product right on the hair directly with the foiled iron, section by section, root to ends. Five to ten sections all over the head. No need to "linger" on the hair with the iron. Just run the iron quickly through the hair shaft. The foil is the "buffer" that insures you are not boiling the hair. When done, rinse with cool water and follow with your regular (salon bought) conditioner. When you start out, do Emergencee 3 times in one month then one time per month after that. Once the hair is coated up well, there is only so much more thickness you will achieve.
Good luck. That’s how I do it. I just wanted to help ya’ll fine haired gurlz and guys. Especially the ones who need color for body but are so tired of “trashed” hair.
No, Nexxus does not endorse me or my way of using their product in anyway. And please don’t sue me if you burn your head off.

This is a tip I learned from some of the Best Stylists in Chicago.

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