Sunday, May 30, 2010

Our Homework is Due and We have an Oilspill to clean up.

The British Petroleum oil spill disaster is disgusting and is the most saddening of holocausts of oceans, nature and human health. But I’m ultimately responsible. And so are you. We’re responsible for letting it happen. And now we are responsible for learning our lessons from this catastrophe, and then making sure something like this never happens again.
Look, I know this is in-your-face. I’m holding up my ugly mirror to myself too. But, we as a collective one-planet, one-society people need to wake up, get educated, and then start voting for leaders who will help us be able to co-exist with nature in harmony. And that means learning how to be green, and taking responsibility for the companies that we buy things such as oil, food and cleaners from. This also means that we might have to read more and learn more than what is in US magazine. It might mean less reality show television per week for some of us, or taking care of yourself so you have the energy to actually register to vote.
Face it, puppets; We’re human and we’re tired from being busy-bees in our buzzy lives. We all just want our lives to be easier and better so we go along with status quo or with what we know is not quite-right-yet. We’re all going to be more green when we get more time to investigate how to do it. We might put our money into religions that discriminate against gays or Jews because they have the best schools in more convenient areas. And we buy products or food from companies that have caused insurmountable agony to God’s little creatures because the product is cheaper or cleans better, or the food is your “little indulgence.” But this negligence builds up and we will have to deal with how we turned our backs on these small atrocities sooner or later.
Every time we just go along with status quo, or put our money into an agency, company or product that hurts someone or an animal or our environment, we are looking away. A company like British Petroleum could very have well by now be making its money by manufacturing solar batteries for clean cars if it had put its vast surplus of funds into this type of research and developement. We could have written them letters or marched against them or stopped driving our Hummers. But hey, we were busy—they’re a big scary company—I’m just one guy…. And they are corporation that responds to supply and demand.
So, we have let the mess get this far. We let our oil consumption ways, our laziness, and our fear of personal change cause a disaster which will affect us all for the rest of our lives in ways we do not yet comprehend. But I’m going to forgive myself. I hope you do too. Let’s dust off the shame. Let’s crack open the “books” and learn and read and do better next time—and let’s vote and make noise where we see injustice or wrong. Let us never let our homework pile up so bad to where we get a big-fat F for fail again.

Here’s were you can start today.
Subscribe to This website is a must-site for everyone. Squid Gone Green lets you ease into green with helpful information, tips, and ways to wrap your mind around your own way of personal Earth stewardship. and are great political resources which help you make good and sound voting decisions FOR the environment. Join them. is the easiest way to do weekly or daily action for a better earth. They will make it easy for you to cast a vote and let your congressmen, senators and our president know that you are watching them and expect a better world.I tweet. And you can go to my personal mafia-green & mafia-solar lists and puruse through the Green tweeps that I learn from and follow. Tweet me personally and I can help you find what you need.
I'll do a special blog to help you along as I grow more green myself. But this is a good start.
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