Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Green for Beginners. Phase one.

Are you thinking of being more Green? More environmentally minded? Do your thoughts sound like this?: "I know I should be more green." "I don't know where to start." "I don't want to start being green right now because I think it will cost me more money." "It just makes me sad when I find out why I have to be more green, so I don't want to start."
If you continue reading, you are in Phase One of being green. And Phase One is just like any new project: It starts with an idea, and then comes the mind-chatter. “I’m too busy.” “I can’t afford it.” “I’m not good enough.” “It’s no use.”
These are the sentiments that I've heard or felt myself on the topic of "Being Green." If any of these statements sound like like the thoughts in your own head, I'll ask you to let them go for a while. Bye-bye, anti-Green thoughts. Now, let me help you start your green engines so you can zoom-on to become the best Green-guy or Green-gal that you possibly can. You're not going to worry about actually doing anything this very second. You can can always take on more green as you grow. For now, just stay with the simple idea: "I want to be more green."
And what does being green mean? Being green simply means you care about yourself and your family and pets; and you want the place where you live to be a healthy environment. AND: as individuals, we all do our small part in contributing to making the world a happy place. With this simple view on being green, along with the idea that you want align with this simple thought, I believe you are already a green-guy/gal. I know that any further tools and knowledge that you will need will now come to you; one step at time, at the time that you need. You do not have to worry about each step or how much money it take, or what you will need. Let the idea bring the things that you need in it’s own time.
Poof! You are now a Green-person.

Here are the 5 Phases of being green. (None of which you have to worry about at this exact minute!)

  • Phase One: Let the Idea of being green blossom and get rid of the mind chatter of why you would or would not be green.
  • Phase Two: Take Action in your own home and your work place.
  • Phase Three: Learn what is interesting to you about being green.
  • Phase Four: Join a website or cause that you are interested in and learn and contribute your time, talents or dollars.
  • Phase Five: Become a Leader in your own household or workplace or neighborhood.

In the next few weeks tune in and I’ll take your through the all the 5 Green Phases. I’ll give you Twitter and Facebook Friend suggestions that you can follow and websites that you can join so that you can pick up the information that you need for your home or personal interest.
Know that you are a caring person that has been given a gift of an idea: “I want to be more Green.” You are not going to do it overnight. And there is no "perfect." And remember: You are only responsible for your small part in making your environment the healthiest place that YOU can.

If you would like to start learning more now go to http://mafiahairdresser.com/ and go to the Green at Home section. I have lists of people and organization that are in my social network that are far better than me at providing you with information that would help you to be a better Green-Gal or Green-Guy.

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