Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Anthropologie on State St. in Chicago Wasting Energy

Hey Anthropologie, (I spelled it wrong when I originally sent it to them)I live and work in the gold coast of Chicago. I pass by your store on State St. everyday. I keep seeing your large front doors open and you have your air-conditioner running.
This is silly. You are wasting your own dollars. And you are unnecessarily making your carbon footprint much larger than you have to.
I went in to the store and asked a sales girl why a company that professes to be green would do this. She told me that they keep the doors open so the store looks more inviting.
I’m here to tell you that it is not.
As I informed the State St. manager, I will be “tweeting” and “Facebooking” about your waste until you close those doors; or until you get revolving doors, which will also save carbon output and energy in the winter.
Thank you, ahead of time. I know this is kind of an oversight and I’m going to assume you would like to fix this problem, save money, and keep being green.
UPDATE: this location has closed and one opened on Chicago Ave in its place. I hope they conserve energy at thier new location!

Contact them yourself if you like.
(I didn't mean to take pic like that but I love the part of Anthr-"opologie" came out.

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