Monday, August 30, 2010

Green for Beginners, Phase Three

If you have read Phase 1 & 2 of Green for Beginners, you’ll discover that the conservation of Water is of great interest to me.
This is why:
• Around the world, 1.2 billion people do not have access to clean drinking water.
• Every year, over 2 million people, mostly young children, die from preventable diarrhea contracted from drinking unsafe water.
• Every day, people suffer and die because they cannot access clean, safe water.*
And did you know that, although vast, the Great Lakes are vulnerable to the removal of water at rates faster than can be naturally replenished. 33 million people drink Great Lakes water daily, but no current law assures the long-term supply of this vital resource.*
Through my own personal green journey, I have learned that we have a problem. Here, in Chicago. Around the world. And in my heart, I feel deeply for anyone who does not have fresh drinking water.
This revelation may be interesting to you. Interesting enough for you to take five minute showers? Or interesting enough for you to have two small worm composters in your spare room to put natural food scraps in so you don’t put anything down the disposal/drain. But maybe this is not what you can or want to do.
Maybe you have children. I assume that you want your children to grow up healthy, without allergies and without exposure to cancer causing chemicals. I bet that you will be more inclined to research such subjects such as making your own green cleaners and purchasing non-chemically treated clothing and bedding.
Of course I’ll give you a list of wonderful websites and writers and bloggers that I think you should check out. But being green means that you have to go where your own heart takes you. I do not judge someone walking down the street with a plastic water bottle filled with imported water, nor should I scowl at or lecture someone who throws litter onto the street. I’m just going to trust that they are doing their small part in the Green Movement because, in truth, we all have to, sooner or later, or our planet will not sustain us. And for all I know, the litterer is just having a bad day and they may be a fighter for justice in another green arena other than the one I am in.
Phase 3 of Green for Beginners is to learn more Green, in what is of interest to you, after you’ve made a few changes in your home or/and office.

This one will tell you what we are doing to protect the Great Lakes: *
If you like following what is going on with Animal conservation and all things environmental, sign up with They will send you emails where you can easily cast votes and writer you senators, congressmen and even President Obama.
New to me but I like this blog and they have a recycling big recycling monster. Recycling news in Chicago. has it all. Good food. Solar power information. Great links.
If you are interested in Gardening and community gardens in Chicago. and follow @theyarden on twitter
Great Blog for mothers:
On Facebook LIKE Dr. Sarah Warren. Friend her. She's a great resource.
A great book that has been a big help to me: The Green Book, Three Rivers Press, by Elizabeth Rogers & Thomas M. Kostigen.
So do some internet browsing, read, LIKE and Follow. This is a great way to learn and pass on some very good information and inspiration.
Here are the 5 Phases of Green for Beginners.
• Phase One: Let the Idea of being green blossom and get rid of the mind chatter of why you would or would not be green.
• Phase Two: Take Action in your own home and your work place.
• Phase Three: Learn what is interesting to you about being green.
• Phase Four: Join a website or cause that you are interested in and learn and contribute your time, talents or dollars.
• Phase Five: Become a Leader in your own household or workplace or neighborhood.
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