Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Facebook Wall is my post and Ad for my book this week.

This was a Facebook feed. I offered my FB friends a free download to my book, Mafia Hairdresser. You see, I need as many people as possible to read it before book 2, The Glow Stick God is published in November. You can make use of the eBook download of my book too! Make sure you use code KY72M. It expires by 8/28/2011
Have you read Mafia Hairdresser? If you have not, you can rectify that oversight here use insider code KY72M
It’s the get-rich-quick 80s and a young hairdresser climbs the L.A. social-scene ladder to reach more than he bargained for by moonlighting for a cocaine trafficking couple. Cars made out of coke, Hawaiian vacations, glitzy clothes & a steady flow of money makes a fabulously dangerous lifestyle that
July 30 at 7:20am · · ·

    • Alicia Kan Reread it last night. It's movie material!
      July 30 at 8:07am ·
    • Jon-David J-d Oh thank you! It was a screenplay to begin with and it's sitting right here on my desk. I just haven't had time to sell it.
      July 30 at 8:32am ·
    • Alicia Kan NPH for Jessy!
      July 30 at 2:22pm ·
    • Anne Colombero Jon-David, I LOVED LOVED LOVED YOUR BOOK!!! OMG!!! I was laughing out loud ~ so many memories of the 80's that I had forgotten "Guy!" (with some I'm still trying to forget!). I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK & I'm sending it to my daughter!
      17 hours ago ·
    • Anne Colombero You are so talented and I'm so proud of YOU!!! I can't wait to see the movie ~ and to read your next book!!! LOVE YOU!!!
      17 hours ago ·
    • Anne Colombero BRILLIANT ENDING! Now I can't help wondering... how much was fact or fiction? Hmmm...? ;o) For anyone who missed the '80's... A MUST READ!!!
      16 hours ago ·
    • Jon-David J-d Yeah..... Kinda true!
      8 hours ago ·
    • Anne Colombero OMG!!!
      6 hours ago ·

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