Tuesday, October 11, 2011

National Coming Out Day

Today is National Coming Out Day. In the 80’s I participated in a workshop in L.A. called, The Experience, produced by Rob Eichberg and David Goldstien and I remember Rob "came out" publicly with the his idea for a National Coming Out Day. I didn't think it would catch on. I was young and I didn't know the power of one person's dream: it's enough to change the world. I miss you Rob. Thank you, for your gifts to me and many gay, lesbian, straight, transgendered, and bi friends.
Check out Rob's book, Coming Out, an Act of Love. It's a book about coming out, in every way. Including going for your dreams that God gave you.
Here's another gift I got from the The Experience workshop. An inspiring song that makes me feel my power again, every time I listen to it. It's In Every One Of Us.

jon-david is an Experience graduate and is using his gifts and living his dreams. He's a blogger at TheLocalTourist.com. Read his novels, Mafia Hairdresser, and, The Glow Stick Gods. jon-david is a hairdresser at Joseph Michael's Salon & Spa and is happily in a relationship with David Cradduck--they have two dogs, Olive the, LabDoodle and Junebug, the Yorkie.

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