Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Coca-Cola, I'm on your side.

Dear Coca-Cola,
I'm on your side. Retailers should not be able to put so much pressure on companies like yours to lower your wholesale prices to the point that you cannot make a fair profit. If retailers, like Walmart, K-Mart and grocery stores did that, it would force you American manufacturers to move your production of products out of the United States. Which, in-turn, would put many Americans out of work. Which, in turn, might make that out-of-work American start looking for lower prices of products they like to buy. Which, in turn, would probably force retailers to compete for those out-of-work American's pennies which would lead to those retailers to ask companies like you, Coca-Cola, to lower your wholesale prices. Whew. What to do...? What to do...?
Look, why don't you decide what is a fair profit from your product? Not exorbitant. Not outrageous. You don't need to pay your executives enough to buy themselves five houses. I'm sure you could use that money for raises and benefits for your lower-paid workers who, in turn, are consumers. And why don't you take some of that profit to train the American public? We are not dumb. But not all of know that if you are forced to lower your profits you'll move your company to a country where don't have pay fair wages and you're allowed to pollute their environment. (That's who's really paying for the price of Coke.) We will pay a fair price for a product we like and we expect you to make a fair profit. We also expect that would keep your company in the United States, and that you don't pollute while making your quality product.
I'm a Coke drinker who's on your side.
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  1. Good point. I'm addicted to Costco much like you probably are addicted to Coke. Once I pay their membership fee I feel like such a sucker that I would pay anything for anything else they sell me. We should start a program: How to recover from a Cokestco addiction in two easy steps.