Monday, November 16, 2009

Fall/Winter Check your Vitamin D Levels

Last year, one my clients, an M.D., F.A.C.P., (I dunno), and I were talking while I was cutting and coloring her hair. She was telling me that either or both the
lack of fall and winter sunlight and/or the lack of vitamin D was creating a mini-epidemic for her
female clients. She informed me that a lack of either could cause minor or major depression and
a loss of energy in the coming winter months.
As the best hairdresser in Chicago, (thank you, yelpers) I feel I have a responsibility to pass on valuable information like this to my clients.
"Get your iron checked," I have always said, for the tired vegetarians and poor eaters.
"Drink more water," I would tell my clients who broke-out and had dry skin.
But this one needs to be told, again and again, to everyone, every fall and winter: if you are tired, rundown, low-energied, or if you think that you might not be feeling as good as you should
emotionally: get your 25 hydroxy Vitamin D level (or Iron level) checked.
But do not just start taking mega-doses of these vitamins if you only think that you need them, as they can cause havoc on the liver if you overindulge and you don't need them.
Only a doctor can prescribe the right amount. And only a doctor can do the proper tests.
Also, if you are suffering from a normal case of lack of sunlight: A few simple minutes with a full-spectrum light in the mornings might be all that you need. These units can sometimes be paid for with a prescription from you doctor and good insurance.
Go see your own doctor. Or you can go to a facility like the The Northwestern Center for Integrative Medicine and Wellness is at 150 E Huron Ave, Suite 1100, Chicago, IL 60611. Phone 3129263627
This client I was telling you about? Well, she admitted to me that even she had been feeling tired and rundown. She's a busy gal with a family. So she took the time to take the Vitamin D test in her own office and she was stunned to learn that her levels were way below the proper levels. Just like many women who take care of the home, multi-task, raise the kids and run a medical practice etc, she ignored her fatigue and kept on going! Look, if it can happen to her. It can happen to you. Now she is using full spectrum light from a unit in the mornings, but, more importantly, she takes the proper dosage of supplements.
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