Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dark Circles/Puffy Eyes & Irritated Acne Skin

Dark Circles and puffy eyes are due to a build up of toxins under the thin skin around and under the eyes. Some peeps suffer from this build-up more than others. But your diet and sleep should be looked at if you, all of a sudden, get circles and puffy.
Here's a good remedy:mix equal parts [1 tablespoon/1 tablespoon] of filtered or bottled water with plain old corn starch-- then slather a little layer of the white paste mixture under your eyes. The corn starch will naturally pull out the toxins and quiet & sooth the area around the eyes. Leave it on 5 to 20 minutes every morning or right before you go out. This is very safe for your eyes. When you rinse off the now-dry paste, your eye cream and make up will go on smoother and your eyes will be refreshed and clear.

You can use this mask on your entire face too. Great for all types. ESPECIALLY ACNE Skins! Normal/Dry Oily. It calms the skin and lets the impurities loosen up.

For extra dry skins you can mix low-fat milk instead of water. But never use the low-fat milk mixture around the eyes. Only the pure water formula. For skin that is extra oily: you can mix carrot juice with the corn starch. But never use this formula around the eyes either! Only the pure water formula.

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