Friday, March 5, 2010

Pet Psychic

Okay, here's a neat one: An animal communicator who has helped a client and her pets.

My client Barbara is a church going gal who was previously not too keen on metaphysics. But when she and her two cats moved in with her new husband and his hound, Elvis; Elvis began to howl every night and he began to shed profusely as well as chew his own cheek. Being a compassionate woman, Barbara instinctually knew that that the dog was having adjustment problems to the new additions to the household.
She and her husband took the dog to the vet which resulted in giving Elvis "doggy-Valium." Her husband also changed the dog's diet and took the dog on longer walks. All to no avail. Elvis still howled, shed and chewed.
So, on they sly (not telling her husband), Barbara decided to call and scheduled an over-the-phone session with a pet psychic: Someone who had also worked wonders with a neighbor's pet. Barbara said, when they psychic answered and got on the line with her, her two cats and the nervous dog came running into the kitchen, where she was on the phone, and the three all sat down and stared at Barbara on the phone.
Weird-kewl, right?
The psychic then preceded to tell Barbara that the dog was freaked out because the husband had been paying more attention to his new bride and had not been paying as much attention to the Elvis. (Which seems normal for a new marriage-if you know what I mean--but devastating to the man's prior best friend.) The Psychic also stated that Elvis had noticed that his master also let the cats up on the furniture which was something that he had never been allowed to do. The dog also"told" the psychic that he feared that his owner liked Barbara and the cats more than him, and that he was waiting for the day that the husband was going to get rid of him.
Poor Elvis!
The advice to Barbara from the psychic was to just notice how the dog looked every time she was at home sitting on the couch with her husband. Were the cats allowed on the couch? Did she and her husband acknowledge the dog? Also, because of the dog's shedding and his nervous tics, the psychic bet that the husband did indeed resent the behavior of his older pooch and truly had been tending to ignore him--which Barbara admitted that he did and was.
After the session, Barbara changed the way she was around the dog and also "led" her husband to pay attention to the dog without telling him her behavior was a direct result of calling a pet psychic--which she never told him anyway.
Long story short: Dog is happy. No howling. Stopped shedding. No more Doggy Valium; but they kept the good new diet for the dog. Husband and Elvis are happy and best friends again.
I've recommended this woman to many of my clients. She's good at what she does. Use her if you have a problem to solve with your pet, or if you think your pet is depressed or needs help that you cannot figure out.
Here's the Animal Communicator's current information:Carol Shultz, Animal Communicator
P.O. Box 577
Pekin, IL 61555

As of 8/31/2010, I have not used Carol's services. Today, I emailed her with payment: My dog Junebug (Yorkie) has taken to peeing on my roomate's dog's eating area (Tina the pug) and I cannot get her to stop. I'll let you know how it goes.

I'd also like to mention that Carol is mentioned on the wall on FaceBook Animal Ministry page. She helps animal and owner rights in Illinois. Join her cause and the Animal Ministry.
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