Monday, September 20, 2010

Chicago Police Officer runs the Chicago Marathon for LUNGevity Foundation

One of my clients is a Chicago Police Officer and she has been very inspiring to me over the many years that I have known her. Her tales of being an officer and humanist have made me proud to know her. And today she has inspired me again, so I’m going to share that inspiration with you.
As I was cutting Officer Sarah’s hair (she’s growing out her short Halle-Berry-do to long again), she told me that she was going to run in the Chicago Marathon this October.
I mentioned to her that I seemed to remember that she had once had a torn ACL in one knee and, by her own admission, was never really a “gifted runner.”
Officer Sarah told me that she’s not just running the Chicago Marathon for any kind of personal challenge but that she was running for the LUNGeveity Foundation.
Ah-ha. This sounded like the Sarah I knew. And she confirmed my thoughts that she is one of the most caring thoughtful women that I know when she further told me that she has been affected by the Cancer. Like most of us, we have lost friends and family to the Big-C fight, and we have breathed sweet-relief when our loved ones win that fight or go into remission.
Sarah told me the she did have a hard time asking people for donations for this worthy cause. I do not.
If you have been personally affected by Cancer or if you have a few extra pennies, dollars or more to give to the LUNGevity Foundation, I urge you to give what you feel you can today.
Here is Officer Sarah Donovan’s personal Fundraising Page.

Prayer, from the heart, is another form of giving. And learning about great causes can open your heart.

EAT-up LEARNing and PRAY for those you LOVE

The LUNGevity Foundation is at

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