Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Dogs and Cats with Flower Essences

I had met my Yorkshire Terrier, Junebug, over six years ago when friends of mine, a couple, brought her to their home to join their family. Sadly, only a few months later, one of the couple died in a car accident; so Junebug only had one dad for many years. It was one year ago that I moved in with Junebug and her Dad when the condo I had been renting sold. Because Junebug’s dad’s job had changed and he began to travel, weeks at a time, I became very attached to her and her to me. And when I found an apartment that I wanted to move into, it was pretty apparent that the best thing for Junebug would be for her to move in with me. Because I honor my friends, I still think of them as Junbug’s dads so I’m her uncle and caretaker.
If you are the caretaker of pets, then I’m going to assume that you want them to be as happy and loved as you can possibly help them to be. And if your dog is anything like mine, you might have to spend a little extra time or attention with him or her to relieve them of stress or fears that keep them from being happy.
Because of Junebug’s breed, her small size, the way she was raised, and maybe loss or trauma in her life, she brings with her all kinds of luggage. She’s not been as readily receptive to other dog’s or stranger’s affections. She’s been cautious and shy. But she will do anything for food. It’s her favorite thing and she’d warm to anyone who is willing to give it to her.
Recently, Junebug began to act out in very unconventional ways so I consulted a pet communicator. (see blog) I will describe the specific behavior and how the pet communicator helped me in another blog. Here, I would love to tell you about one of the remedies that the pet communicator recommended to me to use to help Junebug stop her unwanted behavior: Flower Essences.
This was not a new remedy to me. In fact, I had been doing some volunteer work for a group called The Pet Ministry, and a guest speaker, Judy Toby, came to talk about her Pet and Canine OptiBalance Pet Formulas.
Per usual, I was the earliest member at the Pet Ministry meeting, Junebug was on my lap, and she growled at Judy when she first walked into the meeting room.
“Delightful!” Judy said. “Can I use your dog in a demonstration for my Stress and Trauma Relief formula?” Yes, Judy really said, “Delightful.” But although Junebug may be cute, she was not delightful if you woke her up from a nap or came at or near her too quickly. Without much further convincing, I let Judy put a few drops of her formula on my finger and let Junebug lick it off. (She'll eat anything!) Within minutes, Junebug was on her lap and then began greeting, with a wagging tail, the rest of the Pet Ministry as they each arrived. I had never seen my dog so open to meeting strangers before and, because I have used this formula regularly since then, I know it is the reason she is much more accepting of other dogs and people than she was ever before. All of my friends constantly comment about what a changed dog I have, compared to when they first knew her. The flower essences were worth months of dog training sessions to me and Junebug is never hyper or agitated or drowsy when I give them to her.
The more recent problem that led me to the Pet Communicator involves Junebug having to be gated in my room and, although it may be helping one problem, my little one is not used to not having the run of the apartment. While the Stress and Trauma Relief formula has helped my anti-social dog to be much more social and calm, it’s not specifically going to help me with Junebug’s barking when she’s left alone in my room during the day. So I just ordered the Separation Anxiety Formula. Of course, I’ll let you know how it goes, but I’m a big believer in natural remedies and this one is great. Go to Judy’s web site and check it out. The “Remedy Finder” is easy to use. Such as; If you have a dog that barks at storms or loud noises, you could use the Fears and Phobias Formula or the Stress and Anxiety Formula. There’s also a Hyper Dog Formula, Aggression Relief Formula and much more.
The website is also for the OptiBalance Cat and Bird formulas too.
I highly recommend using these natural flower essences to help your pets stay happy and healthy. They are tasteless and odorless and are so easy to give to your pet. They are not bad for their bodies and are great to use for changes in yours and your pets life, such as a move or a loss of a loved one, and they can be used in conjunction with behavior training.
No: Judy did not ask me to do a commercial for her. I do not get paid or get kickbacks for my blog. But if you try any of these Pet Flower Essence Flower Formulas, you can get $5 off your order just by using the code “Mafia” at the end of your on-line purchase button pushing. This is a special thank-you from Judy to me (and you!) when I told her I was going to write a rave about her wonderful product.
Order specific Flower Essence Formulas for your pet from
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The Pet Communicator is Carol Shultz and you can reach her at:
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  1. That's really interesting. I may have to check that out for my cat. She has major mood swings.