Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bad Swiffer, Baaaad

I just moved in with the person I'm going to live with for the rest of my life. I'm very happy. But, to make this new apartment my home, as well as his, I would like it to be the most healthy environment as possible for the both of us and our dogs. That means a clean house. But a clean house can only be a healthy house only when you use cleaning products that will not hurt your cats, dogs, children and your spouse or room-mates.
On my first foray into cleaning the floorboards and wood floors, I noticed that there was only a Swiffer WetJet system to do so. Oh noooo.... That may make a clean floor and it would certainly be very easy for me to use. But the mechanism is a big waste and the liquid "Multi Purpose" cleaner that you have to use to clean with is not good for my nasal passages, lungs or skin. On the label that I had on the Swiffer Wet Jet Refill, it only stated that it "contains cleaning agents," and yet it warned to keep away from Children and eye contact. The good Housekeeping seal was on the label too! Don't you want to know what is in the product?
I like to used cleaning products that will clean yet have no irritating perfumes nor disrupt my DNA or irritate any part of my body, or cause asthma or cancer. And I'm telling you, that Swiffer WetJet Refill liquid is not as healthy product to put on your floors as environmentally safe products, such as Method or Mrs. Myer's Green Day or make-your-owns. (See previous Cleaning Recipes)
The worst thing about the Swiffer system is that you can only buy their refill bottles with their product in it and their system only operates with a battery, which will run out, and it requires disposable cleaning pads that you have to constantly refill. What a bunch of landfill waste! Add up the costs to you, your health, and the environment. I could never feel good about using this product. I do not care how easy it is. My health and the health of the planet are too precious to me.
So what should you use? Well, don't throw the damned Swiffer in the trash just yet. Use a damp towel wrapped around the base of the Swiffer mop and use it to clean your floors. After each use, throw it in the washer with the other rags you used for cleaning that week. Saving to you, and saving the planet. Use only healthy products on the floor. Again, look at my previous post for that. And think about the next gadget that you buy to make your life easier. Come on: Is it really going to be that easy? Think again.
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