Thursday, December 2, 2010

For the love of blogging.

Oh my goodness,
I have not blogged since November 9th. Where has the time gone? Oh yes, I remember; I moved, I work as a hairdresser, and I'm publishing my first novel in less than a month.
But time, work, and passion are not the only reason that I have not blogged. The other reason was that I didn't really have anything that I wanted to write about. And that is a luxury for any blogger: To write what they want, when they want, and also write only when they are inspired to.
But most of my Social Media friends need to blog regularly and about things that they may not be as excited about as they would like. Blogging has become a gig that must be kept up regularly in hopes that it turns into a paid gig. We gain visitors to our blogs which give hits to web sites which begets followers on Twitter and Facebook. As the analytics could tell anyone who is watching, we can become very powerful tools which can push a restaurant or a product; should we deem the product worthy enough to blog about--or you pay us to write about it.
So, this is for the product companies who don't get it. Social Media is a wonderful tool for you to push your products. You may not understand it yet, but you had better start paying my friends what they are worth. Even I do not charge my Twitter clients full price when I do their haircuts and colors -- sometimes I comp them! These people are doing me a service by telling people if they had a good experience at my salon -- or not! The amount of people who read what my Social Media friends are saying is priceless and I appreciate it.
Social Media might seem like it might be too social and less analytics, but that is the beauty of it. It's social and it's about people, not numbers. But the numbers will follow the people. I'm proof. I only write what I love and my business and writing and Twitter and Facebook numbers have grown. And Yes, I can translate that to better sales than before I started a blog.
I am a lucky one. I do not make money from my blogging. I do not take kick-backs. I only write to make sure my name and brand is out there and I do it by blogging about things I'm passionate about.
Which leads me to tell you about what one of my clients invented: THE TODDY!
It's an environmentally friendly microfiber cloth made for scratch-free cleaning for your Blackberry, iPhone, iPad and any sensitive surface.

It's the perfect gift and I have 5 of them and my friends love them. AND YES, I got them for free! but Todd had no idea I was going to blog about his product. I really do love it and I hope he does well with his company. YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!

[Hey Todd, if your sales go through the roof....yeah, I'll take a few Toddy's...]
Please order your copy of Mafia Hairdresser, the novel about my life as a hairdresser to a mob couple in the 80's, and subscribe to this blog!

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